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Purchasing Math Illustrations

  1. Do you offer a site/institutional license?
  2. Can I order by check/purchase order?
  3. What's the Difference between Math Illustrations and Geometry Expressions?

Using Math Illustrations

  1. What are the system requirements to run Math Illustrations?
  2. When I start Math Illustrations it says "Cannot connect to server." What does that mean?
  3. How do I get my drawings into Word/PowerPoint?
  4. How do I distinguish between constraints and annotations?
  5. What does "over constrained" mean and how do I avoid it?
  6. Are there any precreated figures for Math Illustrations?
  7. I can't copy and paste from Math Illustrations to Microsoft Office 2004 on my Macintosh

Tips (email newsletter archive)

  1. July 2011 - Transformations
  2. May 2011 - Exterior and interior angles, constraints and constructions, pictures
  3. April 2011 - 3D cone and cylinder, interactive whiteboard
  4. March 2011 - Piecewise functions and exterior angles
  5. January 2011 - Inequalities, number lines and normal distributions
  6. December 2010 - Venn diagrams, mapping diagrams and hyperboloids
  7. October 2010 - Functions with parameters, transforming functions and generic functions
  8. September 2010 - Geometry annotations, trig graph and regular polygon


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